WorkAmmo is what happens when inspired and motivated HR experts, business visionaries, and technical specialists come together to change the way the world works. We’re not a solutions or a service provider, we’re your partner in creating a better future. Working across six countries, we are a team driven by the singular purpose of helping people achieve.

Our Vision

We envision a future where all workplaces are hubs of exceptional performance with inspired individuals and unstoppable teams, led by motivational and capable leaders.

A future where individuals are inspired to take ownership of their career paths, teams work seamlessly to seize opportunities, and organisations meet their performance goals with conviction and ease.

A future where organisations powerfully contribute to building flourishing economies, for generations to come.
We hope to build a future where workplaces powerfully contribute to flourishing economies, for generations to come.

Our Mission

WorkAmmo is on a mission to fulfill a singleminded goal: to help people and organisations achieve. It takes years to build deep capabilities and drive performance, and it starts with a plan and investment in solutions. WorkAmmo platforms will lead the way, helping individuals and organisations to seize opportunities and deliver exceptional performance.

Our Value

WorkAmmo combines thought leadership, ideas and HR expertise to create intelligent platforms that inspire and transform businesses to deliver better outcomes.

Company History

The idea behind WorkAmmo came to our founder, Richard Cowley, in 2008. Frustrated after a nine-month long search for a candidate at Kimberly-Clark, Richard realized there needed to be better way for organizations to recruit talent. This realisation evolved into a thorough analysis of the workplace, strengthing his determination to find a better approach for the future.

Over the last 7 years, the WorkAmmo company has evolved from an idea into a reality. Following a period of indepth documentation and modeling under the expert direction of Sanil Nair, business analyst, product architect and Richard’s long term friend, development and creation of the WorkAmmo platform formally commenced in 2010.

During the next five years, international support and investment brought a team of talented HR, business and technical experts together to prepare the launch of WorkAmmo platform into the India, Thailand Sri Lanka markets.

Reinvent the recruitment process


The idea behind WorkAmmo

Richard decides to reinvent the entire recruitment process following 9 months spent looking for a candidate to fill a position for Kimberly-Clark.

WorkAmmo global hiring ops


An international step forward

Capability Solutions Group is established in Hong Kong to commence global operations.

Workammo web and mobile India


The team grows

WorkAmmo grows immensely with a web and design team in Thailand and a web team in India.

WorkAmmo business plan for integrated HR


Turning ideas into reality

Richard starts works with Sanil Nair, long-term friend and a talented product architect, to create the Business and Product Plan.

CareerLine Australian trademark


An Australian approval

The CareerLine Trademark is approved in Australia.

WorkAmmo mobile apps for careers and hiring


A mobile app and more

In India, we add a mobile app and knowledge teams to our rapidly growing company.

Integrated HR solutions


Ready to launch

Having established the WorkAmmo India Company Set, we now prepare for launch in three markets – India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.