Attrition in the times of growth: What can be done?

Malathi Jogi

The IT industry in India has several challenges to overcome before it can become an indispensable contributor to India’s growth story. One of the key obstacles in its path is rapidly increasing attrition, due to varied reasons. Richard Cowley takes stock of the problem, and suggests steps Business and HR leaders can take to manage attrition in the Indian IT industry.

HR in India : Boardroom Is both an opportunity and stress

Malathi Jogi

WorkAmmo’s mission, in line with human resource development activities, is to help people achieve at the workplace. The organisation seeks to develop the capabilities of individuals and firms so that they can seize key opportunities. However, the role of HR in India itself has undergone a sea change. The context that has evolved in the workplace is based on a solid foundation and the belief that learning has a value and is required for progress. Richard Cowley, founder, WorkAmmo in an interview with Shishir Parasher admits, however, that HR professionals are confused by the expectations. Excerpts:

WorkAmmo at SHRM India’s conference: Discovering solutions, together.

Malathi Jogi

ONE day to go for SHRM India’s annual conference, 2015, and you can colour us thrilled!

The theme of this year’s conference is “Velocity – accelerating HR”, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. At a time when the conversation around HR is increasingly focused on empowering HR to be a business partner, we’re sure the conference is going to be a crucial contribution. The transformation of HR has been set in motion for a while now, but it’s time to critically review, rehaul, and re-fuel it – in the right direction, and at the right pace.

Richard Cowley, our founder, will be speaking on Day 2 of the conference. With the help of a facilitative session, Richard hopes to elevate the conversation around HR transformation and his focus will be on practical solutions to enable the transformation.

Tomorrow is now.

Malathi Jogi

By now, it is clear to everyone and their co-worker that workplaces need a transformation. You could be in the process of planning your career – dazed and confused; or you could be recruiting – warring to find the right fit in an ever-changing workforce; or you could be a business head – tired of missing opportunities. You know all too well that the struggle to create a workplace that answers your needs is both real and urgent. Undoubtedly, the opportunity and potential for transformation is vast and waiting to be explored fully.

It is now time to accelerate the transformation. To build a future where workplaces are hubs of inspired individuals, unstoppable teams, and capable organisations. A future where careers are built with ownership, passion, and strategy, not chance. A future where finding the ‘right fit’ does not feel like going to war. A future where every organisation reaches its full potential.

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