November, 2015

Richard Cowley, Managing Director & Global HR Leader, WorkAmmo

The most critical role of Human Resources at this time is to lead transformation, not manage change. HR services/solution providers need to ask the right questions so as to analyze and understand the problems that the industry faces. It is only then that they will be able to synthesize and align processes to client demands.

Process transformation is going to be another significant shift in HR. A lot of admin related processes are already being outsourced, so the focus for HR is going to shift to strategic HR and human capital management. Talent management is not as complex as we make it seem, in my opinion – it’s just that we don’t have enough time, resources or structures to do it efficiently. If HR service providers can create a new, singular global model, it will lead to improved productivity; right now we have many disparate options.

Further; with the ambition of making India the human resource capital emerging as a priority for the government, the HR industry in India can really leverage this because things are going to pick pace rapidly and the market is going to change fast. The recruitment industry is going to see a massive boom with project-based and temporary staffing likely to increase.

Last, but not the least, technology is definitely going to underpin all of the HR processes, products and services which will positively impact in the industry.

This coverage appeared in the November issue of People Matters magazine.