The next HR challenge for India: The creative economy


Hold your breath for this one – In its 12th Plan report, the Indian Planning Commission estimates that 45-48% of India’s employment will come from the Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs). This means that nearly half our jobs will be rooted in sectors such as design, film, performing arts, music, heritage, publishing; industries whose products are often the direct result of human creativity. This also means that there are newer employee management challenges for HR in store – ones that resonate with words such as portfolio careers, project-based work, creative millennials and flexi hours, among others. We decode the next HR challenge for India – the creative economy.

Tomorrow is now.

Malathi Jogi

By now, it is clear to everyone and their co-worker that workplaces need a transformation. You could be in the process of planning your career – dazed and confused; or you could be recruiting – warring to find the right fit in an ever-changing workforce; or you could be a business head – tired of missing opportunities. You know all too well that the struggle to create a workplace that answers your needs is both real and urgent. Undoubtedly, the opportunity and potential for transformation is vast and waiting to be explored fully.

It is now time to accelerate the transformation. To build a future where workplaces are hubs of inspired individuals, unstoppable teams, and capable organisations. A future where careers are built with ownership, passion, and strategy, not chance. A future where finding the ‘right fit’ does not feel like going to war. A future where every organisation reaches its full potential.